10 things i’m currently loving


one. iced coffee. and after being awake for two hours last night (ethan bit the tip off his paci and that was the only one…) a lot of it today. and that pudgy little hand that is always trying to steal my drinks.
two. essie’s sunshine state of mind (seen above)
three. this new lipstick that i got on friday. love the color, feel and last.
four. having the chance to get together with friends over the weekend. our kids had a blast playing together and it was great to catch up, chat about parenting and being reminded that all the struggles we may be having with our kids is totally normal.
reading a book about parenting/pregnancy from a different culture.
six. getting the yard ready for spring/summer play.
seven. this new necklace from the jones market. well, all of them.
eight. i might make this stuffed french toast this week. we were going to go out for brunch on easter sunday, but apparently, calling the saturday before to make reservations is too late. anyway, i was planning to get something like this.
nine. half asleep ethan in the middle of the night. there is something so sweet and tender about that and i don’t get to experience that very often. not that i’m complaining…
ten. watching the office with jerry. we have shows that we watch, but none that we’ve enjoyed as much as the office. maybe it’s because we can binge watch, and not deal with the outrageous breaks they do nowadays, or the fact that it’s a comedy and we tend to watch shows more like the blacklist and blindspot (which have a greater margin for disappointing our expectations) or maybe that it’s mindless tv. who knows what it is. but i love laughing with him at the end of the day.


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