weekend links.

4e2eb7ad10096079ec0fc42e9e5055d7these boys are good at lounging. what are you up to this weekend? we’ve got some house projects that have been on the to-do list for far too long. so i’ll probably take the boys out for the morning so jerry can get some uninterrupted time to make some headway.

pittsburgh proud.

mortgage free by 37. i wish!

in case you haven’t seen it, what languages sound like to foreigners.

wow. this guy is amazing.

i love this dress.

“the point in france isn’t that anything goes. it’s that women should be calm and sensible. unlike me, the french mothers i meet distinguish between the things that are almost definitely damaging and those that are dangerous only if they’re contaminated.”
i just started reading bringing up bebe yesterday and i love it. i’m not very far in, but i love the “calm the heck down” vibe i’m getting.

have you heard of schoola? it’s a online clothing fundraiser for schools across the country. quality clothes, discount price, donation for schools. win!

have a good weekend!



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