catching up on home life part 1

a few weeks ago, my parents came out for a visit. my dad came for the weekend, and my mom stayed for most of the following week. over the weekend, jerry and i got to go away for the night. jerry’s office was having they’re christmas party on the gateway clipper and then offered a hotel room for people who wanted. all expenses paid! that’s my kind of getaway!

the following morning we ate at waffles incaffeinated and went to ikea to pick up our new couch.


jerry immediately used the large boxes to make a boat, and i’m pretty sure my mom spent an equal amount of time in the boat as out of the boat. we also went to the children’s museum one morning. for christmas, my family chipped in to help the boys get a membership. it’s been so fun, and wonderful to have that as an option of activities for the boys.


i’m so glad she got to come out for one of her week long visits one last time. she goes back to work the beginning of april, so i don’t think she’ll be making another one till september.


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