10 things i’m currently loving

thought i’d share some stuff that i’m currently loving on.

1. this body wash. leaves my skin feeling so smooth.
2. having my mom here this last week. it’s amazing how efficient i can be with an extra set of eyes. i got all the laundry washed, folded and put away in one day! which brings me to number three…
3. our new family room. we painted it, which is a complete transformation; from brown and orange to white and grey. i love it. absolutely love it. got it painted in one afternoon/evening thanks to my mom. she’s the best.
4. our new couch that we got for the family room. finally got a sofa bed which will make hosting our families so much easier.
5. this playlist on spotify. any time i need to rally to get something done, this playlist does the trick.
6. iced coffee. iced chai.
7. these juice glasses we just got while at ikea too. they’re so cute! and only $3!
8. this blog. she’s funny. great style. check it out.
9. this post on saying “no” as a mother.
10. the endless hours of fun the boys are having with their “boat”.



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