where they are now

IMG_5431oh the places you’ll go!

Micah :: 3 years (and 4 months)
a few months ago i started to keep a record of quotes/events on the notes app on my iPhone. it’s almost always nearby, so i can quickly write something down, and not forget it. i try to be pretty descriptive, because what might be obvious or assumed now, might be forgotten 10 years down the road. here is what i have so far.

10.25.15 : as we’ve been helping him to speak in full sentences, when we tell him to “ask mom” or “ask dad” for something, he just says “ask mom?” (he still does this!)
10.28.15 : this morning after breakfast, Micah pulled up his chair to Ethan’s high chair and got up to eye level, and said, “so…” as if to start a conversation with him.
10.29.15 : whenever he tries to do something but can’t accomplish it the first time, he says to himself, “try again” and does that every time until he gets it.
10.30.15 : Micah went on his first sleepover tonight with his nanny and Poppop at their hotel while they’re in town for the boys birthday. He wore his backpack that Grammy just made and he kept waving his hand down by his waist and saying “bye mom and dad. Sleep with nanny! Go byes. Love you!”  Heart. Broken.
11.3.15 : because of the time change, Micah has been awake early, and therefore spending a lot of time in his bed before being allowed out. He’s been making up songs that I have no clue what they’re about.
11.13.15 : he points to a truck in a book, I tell him the name, and then he repeats it and says “alllllll-riiiight”. ❤️ I want to remember these moments.
01.04.16 : he has been really into the movie cars recently and will quote as he watches. and yes, even the line, “he has a pisssss-ton cup!”
01.12.16 : one day while we were getting ready to leave, the boys and I were waiting in the van for Jerry. I remembered that we had a redbox to return, so as jerry stepped out the front door, I yelled, “redbox!” Micah yelled it too, copying me. but now, Micah randomly yells “redbox” at Jerry when he leaves sometimes.
01.29.16 : unprompted after dinner, micah said “thank you for this dinner”
02.02.16 : during lunch, after accidentally knocking his plate on the floor which created a huge mess, micah could tell that i was upset even tho i hadn’t said anything. looking at me, he sighed and said, “i’m really sorry mom” almost to the point of tears. at that point i did not care about the mess. he had never apologized like that before.

Ethan :: 16 months
as you can imagine, i don’t really have much in my notes on ethan yet. you know, since he can’t talk yet. although he does have a few words, mama, daddy, “dee” which is paci and silky, sit, and all done. i think he will be talking much sooner than micah. which makes perfect sense. there’s much more communication going on this time around. he very much loves his brother, and tries to do the same things he does. here are a couple that i’ve written down over the last few days. also, if looks could kill. this kid gets in to so much more trouble than his brother ever did. constantly standing on dangerous heights, stealing my phone, stealing something of his brothers. and when caught in the act, his eyes get wide, looks up as if to say “who, me?!” and runs away…

02.21.16 : gorgeous spring weather for being February, playing outside, Ethan was walking on the front sidewalk but was nervous about the crack in the two slabs that he would get down and crawl over the crack thinking it was steeper.
02.23.16 : after finishing a snack in the family room, Ethan took my plate and carried it to the kitchen to put it away. when he realized he couldn’t reach the counter, he came back and got me, walked me in to the kitchen to lift him up so he could put it on the counter.


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