weekend links.


we enjoyed some nice playtime outside this week. are you watching the superbowl? go broncos! we’ll also probably figure out how we’re going to spend our tax return, and are having friends over for dinner saturday night. and hopefully some relaxing, because #motherhood. amiright?!

I haven’t seen Parks and Rec, nor anything Amy Poehler’s been in, except for some web clips, but I found this to be funny and accurate.

While I like most of this post, I don’t think I completely agree with their homework point. And at the current age of my children, I think I do have to help them with conflict with their friends, because they just don’t know how to do it yet.

This article might be a little extreme in my opinion, I do think it’s a good idea to limit phone use around people. I try to be careful about that at night with Jerry.

Pregnant women from around the world reveal what they bring to the hospital when giving birth. Some of these are actually sad and sobering.

All the cool kids are moving to Pittsburgh.

This guy has mad skill!

Have a good weekend!


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