meal plan!!

i’m actually really excited about some of these dinners this week! i’m trying to be better at having a good blend of wholesome foods/foods i know the kids will eat without a fight. i know in the long haul, it’ll be worth making the kids eat foods they don’t like, but some nights? mama just needs a quiet dinner.

Monday:: roast chicken and veggies
Tuesday:: breakfast salad and grilled cheese
Wednesday:: homemade pizza and chopped veggies and dip
Thursday:: easy chicken parm casserole served over spaghetti with salad
Friday:: hot dogs, mac and cheese and chopped veggies and dip
Saturday:: we’re hosting a fellowship 3 dinner, which is something our church does, so i’m making shredded beef tacos/bowls
Sunday:: SUPERBOWL!! so, kielbasa, cheese, crackers, chopped veggies and other fun snacky stuff!!

what do you got cooking this week?!


talk to me.

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