Taking Stock:: 03


Making: plans for occupying a one year old who just cut out his morning nap.
Cooking: lemon butter chicken. yummmm.
Drinking: la croix!
Reading: catching fire. i can’t believe i’m on a different book from last month! having a four hour car ride and an audio book can do that.
Wanting: to go visit my friend and her new baby!
Looking: to plan a night away for jerry and i. it’s been too long.
Playing: with trains and cars.
Eating: oranges.
Wishing: for more time in the day!
Enjoying: rewatching the office with jerry.
Loving: that we have an early start to the weekend this week!
Hoping: to get on the treadmill tonight.
Listening: to this and this playlist i’ve made almost every day.
Needing: this sweater.
Smelling: the hand lotion from my sister that i’m apply all. day. long.
Feeling: tired. so much to do these days and ethan is transitioning from 2-1 naps and it’s not going well so stuff is not getting done during the day.
Wearing: these boots. i seem to go for them every time.


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