IMG_5052IMG_5056we’ve still been getting over colds, so there’s been lots of snuggling and homemade lattes.

IMG_5080i was on the phone with jerry the other day, when to my disbelief, i saw a fox in our backyard. i didn’t really believe it at first, since it was lying down, but when it stood up, i couldn’t deny what i saw. eventually they moved on, but it definitely was a little unnerving, especially since i noticed my neighbor’s dog out (but saw him go in) and knew her cat was out too. (the cat came home late that night so all was well.)

IMG_5091sometimes, the boys play so well together. like this moment, after i had pulled ethan around on his rocking moose, micah wanted to do it. which, by the way, i was totally ok with, because bending over to pull a twenty pound kid and his wooden rocking moose the morning after a 21 day fix workout isn’t this easiest thing to do. incaseyouwerewondering.


yesterday, i took micah outside to play in our first real snowfall. he totally loved it. and when i told him that when you play outside in the snow, you get to have hot chocolate afterwards to help you warm up? well, you can only imagine.

so that’s what we’ve been up to. you???


talk to me.

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