wagner family christmas.

IMG_4839IMG_4840christmas with Jerry’s family. we got to spend some time with them and it was really nice.

keith and jens11 kids in my parents house and a marble run. somehow we managed to only lose one!

IMG_4920IMG_4924IMG_4974IMG_4977it was so nice to have lots of time with jerry’s nephews and nieces. i feel like micah is finally old enough to play with them and he’s actually interested in it.IMG_4982IMG_4998on our way home we stopped in state college to see one of jerry’s college roommates and his family. it’s always been the two of them. and then for new year’s eve we had dinner with friends and the kids put on some live entertainment.

i forgot to add these to the berner family christmas::

adasheartada has such a tender heart. she loves her cousins and is constantly trying to make them happy.

datenightif you’ve been around ethan for five seconds, you know he’s a big daddy’s boy. more interesting is that he definitely prefers men over women. so when jerry and i got to go on a date, it was thanks to my brother-in-law and cousin (and my mom too).


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