berner family christmas.

IMG_4842time for the berner family christmas! we stayed with my parents this year, and we had such a nice time. we got in late christmas eve, and we were all recovering from micah having a stomach bug, and fearing getting the bug. so it wasn’t too much fun.

IMG_4844IMG_4848it’s always so good to be home. especially the home i grew up in. it feels the same, and my parents make it so welcoming.

transportationthe name of the gifts for the boys is: transportation. and they love it all. we’ve made some crazy train routes and ethan is no longer wrecking all of micah’s tracks and he has his own now.

crazyhatsmy dad got these crazy hats for the kids. there was a lot of laughter, and i swear, jerry looked like bradley cooper from certain angles.

theforceand the force was very much present.

berner.allinson christmasfor as long as i can remember, we’ve always traveled to celebrate christmas with my dad’s extended family. it’s not christmas, till 40+ cram into a room to do a white elephant gift exchange!

IMG_4954IMG_4956IMG_4962guns. coloring. and games. we do it all.

IMG_4969IMG_4978guess who’s naughty and guess who’s nice?!

IMG_4870and one of my favorite gifts.


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