our little family christmas.

IMG_0289merry christmas! happy new year! i am so far behind this year. let’s not even talk about the christmas cards. they’re still going out in the mail. *eyeroll* I thought I would break up our christmas celebrations into three posts, starting with our little immediate family christmas celebration.

IMG_4610IMG_4612since we weren’t going to be home on christmas day, we decided to celebrate as a family the saturday before. we put the boys to bed in their christmas jammies and trimmed the tree friday night, just as if saturday morning really was christmas morning. it was so nice and i’m so glad we did it. i don’t want our own traditions and special time to get lost just because we always travel during christmas. (i also don’t want to always be traveling during christmas. maybe one day.)

IMG_4621IMG_4623IMG_4627IMG_4630opening giftsmicah was really into opening gifts this year. so much to the point where he opened up my only gift before i realized (the new balance sneakers). i already knew what they were so i guess it’s not a big deal. they didn’t get any toys from us, knowing that the grandparents would sufficiently take care of that department. plus, we got them a membership to the children’s museum. i can’t wait to take them!

donuts.2donutsafter presents, we went to a local gourmet donut shop before micah and i had to head on to a practice for his church christmas program. a plain donut for ethan, a maple bacon donut and cappuccino for me, and an m&m donut for micah. he also got to see looney toons for the first time and wasn’t quite sure what to think of it.

IMG_4660IMG_4673IMG_4674the rest of christmas break, ethan was extremely clingy. he’s a serious introvert *justlikehisfasther* so now looking back on this picture, i’m so thankful for that moment. i hope i will remember that more than the crying and demanding to be held. after dinner and baths, we got the kids back in their christmas jammies, fueled up with hot cocoa (or just regular milk in ethan’s case) and drove around to look at lights. there were some pretty over-the-top ones!

IMG_4678sorry it’s horrible quality, i was laughing so hard

and then sunday, micah mustered up some courage, braved the stage for our church’s christmas program all for the chance to hold “fire” (a battery-operated tea light). and yes, he was THAT kid during the program. the kid that all parents hope their kid won’t be this year. he was dancing, standing in the wrong places and even had his back to the audience. but i loved it! he was so cute! i had tears in my eyes seeing him entering this new stage. i can only imagine how i’ll deal with preschool graduation when the time comes!


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