taking stock:: 02


after learning i’m the last of my friends to read this, i’m finally getting on the bandwagon.

Making: christmas presents. we decided to celebrate on saturday since we won’t be home.
Cooking: last night, chicken divan. (it was so good and the boys actually ate it!)
Drinking: fatheads holly jolly christmas ale.
Reading: hunger games as pictured above.
Wanting: this calendar since it’s almost the new year. so pretty!
Looking: forward to our little family christmas celebration this weekend.
Playing: christmas music. all day erry day.
Eating: lots of greens to counteract all the holiday goodies.
Wishing: for a quieter, easier-going spirit.
Enjoying: all the christmas movies
Loving: /hating that ethan is so close to walking!
Hoping: the sickness will be all gone by next week.
Listening: to the nutcracker a lot.
Needing: to finish wrapping presents.
Smelling: stovetop potpourri
Feeling: thankful. so much to be thankful for.
Wearing: these leggings, still.


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