we’ve been battling some sickness over here, so it’s been lots of snuggles. pink eye for micah and an ear infection for ethan. so basically lots of nastiness. and thankfulness for pediatricians that are open on sundays and antibiotics.

PicMonkey Collage

we made some cookies to give out and i had fun doing it with them. i am always trying to worry less about the mess and try to have more fun and let my freak flag fly (just watch the family stone last night). and then i remembered why i hate making sugar cookies:: decorating. didn’t help that i bought the wrong kind of frosting. my decorating varied from trying to let micah do it, make it look pretty and artsy, and let’s get this over with.


one of the people we gave them to were our volunteer fire fighters. micah is obsessed with trucks right now, so getting to sit inside and get to turn the lights on, basically, day. made.


i’ve been reading the she reads truth advent series and this spoke peace and comfort to me yesterday:

Do you feel the weight of caring for children or parents? Boaz brought relief and help to Ruth. Jesus brings relief to the weary heart.

As it turns out, the point of Christmas isn’t to make it perfect. It’s that we deeply need Christ’s redemption, so that even the weary world can rejoice. Jesus sees our brokenness, and He comes to redeem us, bind up every wound, and wipe away every tear. Thanks be to God!

Boaz was the kinsman redeemer for Ruth; he rescued and redeemed her life. But Jesus is the Kinsman Redeemer for all of us. When I read Ruth’s story, I am filled with a blushing joy for her. Her suffering ended like all fairytales end—with a wedding.


and in trying to fly my freak flag, i let the boys do this, which would normally never fly. and guess what, they had fun, and i got the laundry put away. #winning



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