I took Micah to get his haircut over the weekend. He was such a big boy about it this time. I was so proud of him. If he got scared at all, the hairdresser would explain to him what she was going to do, and would let him touch it to feel safe. He looks like a big boy with this cut too. He’s growing up too fast.IMG_4408

Ethan is so sweet and snuggly when he drinks his bottle. I love these moments with him. He’s pretty snuggly (read needy, attached, demanding…) normally, but not still, if that makes sense. I love that he’s content, smiles, looks at me and shows me love as I show him love back. Stay young, little one.IMG_4423

Many times, I catch the boys fighting with one another over toys. But the moments where they are making each other laugh, or playing together are so precious. I love this shot of them looking at the tree in wonder.IMG_4433

The boys have a cold, and it’s that time of year, so I’m pumping us up with Emergen-C regularly along with some other ways to boost our immune system.

How about you?


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