Micah turns 3!

I figured I better get up pictures for Micah’s third birthday, because Friday we’ll be celebrating Ethan’s first birthday.
(let’s not talk about that…)
The night before his birthday was busy wrapping presents. And like such the good daddy that he is, Jerry drew Wall-E and Eve on one of his presents. (Wall-E is one of Micah’s favorite movies. And Jerry is definitely the more artistic one.)


Pancakes, eggs and “bae-bae” for the birthday boy, per his request. Well, actually he wanted pancakes and waffles. And all the presents set out for him first thing. He got to open one before daddy went to work. Since it’s been awhile since the last time he opened gifts, we were really excited to see how he would react this year. We kept saying “what is it?!” as he was opening that first gift.



After breakfast we met up with some friends at the Children’s Museum. But not before fielding birthday phone calls on his “phone”. (it’s a rock lol) The boys had so much fun that I’m hoping to get them a membership as part of their Christmas presents. It’s so much fun, there’s so much to do, and we’ve only been twice and barely scratched the surface.

IMG_3846 IMG_3855 IMG_3859

It’s hard to conceive that I have a three year old now. I remember waiting for him to come into this world, then going through the scariest moments of my life, ever, and then seeing Jerry hold him in his arms, bring him over to me, like this was what we were made to do, just like it was yesterday. He’s so big now, becoming his own little person more and more every day. It makes me sad when I stop to think that I’ve only got him with me at home for another year or two. It makes me want to delay preschool. (which we could. hooray october birthdays!!)


For dinner we had some of his favorites, hot dogs and “mac-cheese”, and then had dessert, nutella skillet cookie with homemade vanilla ice cream. And while I’m trying to have my hallmark-worthy-birthday-home-video-moment as I’m recording Jerry and I sing happy birthday to him as we bring him the dessert, he blows out the candles before we’re even done singing and I’m practically yelling at him to stop. (#momoftheyear) He loved getting to blow the candles out twice, though. In fact, every candle needs to be blown out now, which is messing with my autumn vibes. After cake, we opened more gifts and then daddy promptly showed him how to properly install a door 😉

IMG_3879 IMG_3880 IMG_3886

I love this little boy so much, even though I have to stop him from moving to get a hug. I’ve started to keep notes on my phone of fun little things he says or does, like most recently we’ve really been trying to help him talk in full sentences. So he’s doing a lot of repeating of what we’re telling him to say. But it gets confusing, so when he asks someone other than mom or dad for something and they tell him to “ask mom”, he comes up to me and says in his sweet little voice “ask mom?” It’s so precious and I melt every time. Thanks for making me a mama, Micah.


I love you Micah. I hope you enjoyed your third birthday as much as we did.



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