Fun Falling

Ok. I’m just going to come out and say it. I love fall. Yep. I’m one of the many stereotypical #whitegirl who loves all things pumpkin, buffalo plaid, flannel, scarves, hot drinks, and on and on. So I’m in my element right now. I love sharing it with my family too, even if they don’t love it as much as me. Jerry’s a die-hard summer lover, and just today as we were leaving to run an errand Micah says, “it’s too cold”. Sorry. You had your hot summer and heat until this week. It’s time for cool weather!


We went to an arboretum last week with some friends to pick leaves, acorns and sticks.



Best friends and the best pictures you can get of kids in nature who have no interest in sitting.


I’m going to cry. How is this kid going to be 3 on Tuesday?!! He loved driving the tractor so much and didn’t want to get down despite the fact there was much more to do.




Pumpkin patch fun with my aunt and two kids. Well, mostly fun. We keep telling ourselves that Ethan will be fun in public and around other people besides us one day.





Micah was totally in to feeding the goats. It was so cute, and I was so proud! I’m so glad he’s not afraid to get up close to animals and get dirty. We tried some wine samples made from apples (I didn’t even know there was such a thing!) from their orchard, and apple butter bbq pulled pork. YUM. I want to take a bath in that bbq sauce. If only it wasn’t $7/bottle.



We ended our time with getting a picture of all of us who did the right thing and wore plaid to the farm and a delicious roast chicken and vegetables.


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