Ocean City


For the last two weeks, our lives and thoughts have been consumed with the beach. In fact, Micah is still asking if we’re going to the beach, or where is Grammy and Pops, or is he going to play with Bella, Caiden and Ada. Poor kid. He’s heartbroken. It’ll pass kid.


On our way, we took a pit stop outside of Philly and stayed with Jerry’s college roommate and his family. Micah and their daughter Lily are just a couple months apart in age and they had fun playing together. Duane is a volunteer firefighter and took Micah and Jerry to look at big firetrucks while the babies napped and Micah is still talking the firetrucks too. We had such a great trip, even though it was short. Thanks again, guys!


Let the fun with family commence! I’m so glad we get these longer moments together; it’s so hard living over four hours away.


We were two blocks away from the beach, park, Hoy’s 5 & dime, and dots (donuts), which are family traditions.


On the boardwalk – boardwalk!


Fun at the beach!


Fun with the cousins.


We are very serious about our pizza and ice cream.


Tell us how you really feel about the beach, Ethan.

IMG_3522 IMG_3524 IMG_3525 IMG_3534 IMG_3541

Fun at the Wildwood Boardwalk.

IMG_3546 IMG_3551 IMG_3583

The weather was absolutely beautiful. Not too hot, although the water could have been a tad warmer.

IMG_3518 IMG_3538 IMG_3554

I’m surrounded by such handsome men.


Micah can be such a ham some times!



Team Wagner 2015


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