weekend links.

micah having some fun in downtown mount lebanon after having lunch with a friend yesterday.

Given the choice, I will always choose a burger. Here are some good tips for making the perfect burger at home.

Tarzan and Frozen connected?!!

While we’re on the topic of kids movies, I immediately heard the dogs in “UP” saying “He wears the cone of shame!” when I saw this.

This is my friend’s company. She makes amazing cell phone cases. Go buy one.

Don’t you just love it when random strangers feel the need to comment on your parenting choices like they know fully why you made that choice? No? Me neither. Go David Beckham!

This is sad. That’s all I’m going to say.

And lastly, I’ve set it before. I love Chris Pratt and he seems like a stand up guy. Here he goes again!

Have a good weekend!


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