grabbing summer by the horns

we had such a great weekend enjoying summer to the max.


i love starting off the day with a good breakfast. some perfect home fries, bacon and fried eggs. don’t get me wrong, i love a good pancake breakfast, but i hate carb loading in the morning, and then ready to crash by noon. none of that today! we’ve got lots to do.

IMG_3115 IMG_3119

a run at the park for me and ethan, who was less than willing to be along for the ride. hey, i was doing all the work! not enough?! meanwhile jerry and micah played at the park where he conquered a slide that he’d been trying to climb all summer long. after a quick stop at home for lunch, we were back out again to head up north for a work picnic where we took full advantage of the free pool time. micah became fearless with his water wings and was jumping in left and right. he also had us pushing him around the entire pool in a raft. yesyourhighness.

IMG_3123we finished off the night with a movie. our last few choices have left me depressed and curled in a ball (unbroken, american sniper) or completely disgusted (kingsman). i had just finished reading the book, so i knew what i was getting in to. but dangit, i’m ok with crying over a sweet love story, even if an 18-year-old… i’ll stop there as to not ruin it for you in case you haven’t read/seen it. READITFIRST.

we did another picnic sunday, but i didn’t get any pics. whoops. we have another pretty free weekend, so i’m hoping we can do lots of fun stuff again!


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