Jerry’s 30th birthday


we had so much celebrating jerry’s birthday over the weekend. actually all week. we surprised him with lunch on his actual birthday, and then thursday night, family started to arrive for a big birthday weekend.

IMG_2917 IMG_2923 IMG_2926 IMG_2940

friday morning we went to round hill park with my sister and her family. it was a great park and we cant wait to go back!the cousins had lots of fun running around, i took 3 kids down a slide all at once, and we played hide and seek.  great way to burn off a bunch of energy with 6 kids 5 and under.

IMG_2934 IMG_2937

by friday night, most of the family was in, and i was not about to make dinner for 14 people, when i knew i’d be feeding 40+ people the next day. so we went to burgatory for dinner, where jerry shared his birthday milkshake with micah. and let me say, i think that was the smoothest restaurant experience we’ve had since ethan’s been born. that’s pretty amazing with 14 people.

IMG_2942 IMG_2948 IMG_2950 IMG_2951 IMG_2954 IMG_2956 IMG_2957 IMG_2958

saturday! the big celebration day!! and what better way to start than a little peace, love and little donuts?!! there is none. we’re so thankful for everyone who helped us celebrate jerry turning 30. we even had a friend come in from philly. he’s working on his photography and creating a business for himself, so if you ever need a photographer in the philly area, hit me up for his info. like is said, we had 40+ people at our house, which i’m pretty sure was the most we’ve ever hosted. but it was so much fun. there were more kids than adults, and they loved exploring our crazy backyard. i’m so thankful that i wasn’t ruled by stress much of the night, and i could just enjoy celebrating jerry with everyone else. we did a craft beer exchange, led by our friend nate, and i’m trying to not drink all of mine right away, but rather spread them out so i can enjoy them longer.

thanks to everyone who helped us celebrate. we hope you had as much fun as us!


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