this is two almost three


i’m not sure how it happened. I’m not sure when it happened. but at some point, my baby was no longer a baby. This week we’re entering all sorts of new, big boy stages. It’s sad and exciting all at once.

We converted Micah’s crib to a toddler bed over the weekend. He’s only fallen out twice, and didn’t even really wake up from it. We’re still working on staying in the bed, but we’ll get there. It’s funny when he plays with the monitor, assuming we’re completely oblivious to his mischief.

We also started potty training on Monday. It’s going a lot better than I expected. Monday was intense. Tuesday morning I felt like banging my head against the wall. Tuesday afternoon it started to click. We only had two accidents yesterday! *praise hands* I’m still nervous to take him anywhere. I might just do my grocery shopping over the weekend and leave him home with Jerry. Because who really wants to take their kid potty for the first time out and about with a cart full of groceries and a baby. Whatdoyoudo


He’s got me laughing all the time and saying the funniest things. Sometimes we try to encourage Micah to do big boy things by saying his cousin Caiden does it. So the other day last week while I was making dinner, Micah saw what we were having, some sort of fancy stuffed turkey sausage, he say, “Caiden eats dote-dogs! (Hot dogs) haha. And then yesterday, when I was encouraging him to go number two on the potty, I told him he’d get 5 m&m’s if he did it. He goes, “no, four” (because that’s what I had said before). Ok buddy. You’re only hurting yourself šŸ˜‰

While I’m sad he’s growing up, and I feel like we’ll be teaching him to drive next week, I am enjoying these new big boy qualities about him. Love you Micah Alan.


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