weekend links


the weather has been so crazy this week. it can go from sunny-raining-sunny-raining-sunny 20 times a day. so it hasn’t been great weather to have the pool out nor the sandbox really, unless i want to make a mad dash to cover it up before the rain ruins it. so one day we played with water and flour. i’m not sure what micah loved more, getting to play with the flour, or eat it.

with father’s day on sunday, i think i found the best gift for jerry 😉

speaking of jerry, he’s a huge ed sheeran fan (so am i) and this story just confirms he’s such a great guy.

speaking of great guys, chris pratt is quickly becoming one of my faves.

ultimate veggie sandwich, yum!

thank, the onion, for this great story about the patriots 😉

here are some great (and not-so-great) outfit ideas with chuck taylor’s.

i love a good dance scene in a movie, and here are some good ones set to shut up and dance

have a great weekend!!


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