three cheers for the weekend!


and for my parents coming later today!! we haven’t seen them since easter and so i’m uber excited. no plans just yet, except for surviving this extreme heat pittsburgh has decided to have all of a sudden. what are you up to?

let’s start with a sweet story. sometimes i can be really skeptical and think there is no more kindness left in the world. you know, the kind where you go above and beyond and consider others more highly than yourself. this story gives me hope.

a bunch of beautiful pictures on this post, but the elephant one is what caught my eye in the first place.

i love the cents of style website, but i’m thinking this necklace is just a little much. i’d rather not wear a chandelier around my neck.

i love the idea of a farmhouse table. maybe i could convince jerry to make this one for us.

in my quest for finding new beers, i really enjoy magic hat’s #9 at a friend’s house last weekend.

which then prompted me to talking about it to friends and thinking of this random (drug inspired??!) song by the beatles.

i was at target yesterday, and saw this glass tumbler (couldn’t find it on target’s website). by the way, targetdoesitagain and makes me want something i didn’t even know i was in need of.

and to finish it off. how cute is this little music video. dick van dyke is awesome. even to this day.

have a great weekend!


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