happy weekend and link fun!


it’s friday! yippy doo-da-day! what’s everyone up to? we’re grilling tonight and tomorrow we’re going on our anniversary date! bike ride, gyros, talenti ice cream, bring it on!

this is satisfying to me in every way.

baby friendly jewelry i could actually see myself wearing.

i’m not a huge fish fan, that is, until we tried this recipe. #gamechanger

i haven’t been any further west than wisconsin, so here’s something else i have to see now whenever we get out there.

with father’s day coming soon, i’ve got some ideas, but coffee grounds soap is not one of them. sorry pop sugar 😛

i’m gonna keep some of these date night suggestions for our next date night.

well this would certainly solve my diaper bag/purse conundrum. anyone have $265 laying around? no? i guess i’ll have to come up with something else.

i’m the only one in the house who really eats watermelon, maybe i could make this yummy sounding drink to help me get through my next one.

i love me a good s’mores recipe!

happy weekending!!


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