come what may

we’re back from philly and slowly getting life back to normal. we had so much fun and i cant wait to tell you all about it, along with everything else we’ve done in may!

may started out with me running my first half marathon! i still cant believe i actually did it. i had so much fun training and running with my friend michelle; i hope we can do another one again! but ive told jerry that if i ever whisper anything about wanting to do the full, stop me. besides, training for the half with two kids and a husband was hard enough.

pre-race.1 pre-race.2

295719_195716139_Medium post-race micah.1

speaking of micah, he is growing up so quickly. please stop! one day he pushed his stool up to the kitchen sink while i was doing the dishes and said “mama, please help?” heart.melted. on our way to target one afternoon, i stopped for an iced coffee from dd, (one of my favorite things to do: target AND $1 iced coffees) and got a cup of water too. well, micah was feeling all sorts of grown up that day because he wanted to stand in the cart and have one of my drinks. water it was. ethan was feeling pretty grown up that day too: his first ride sitting up in the grocery cart!

micah.2 micah.3

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we are spending most of our days outside, as long as it’s not too hot. our neighbor gave us her old patio umbrella, which makes a nice shady spot for ethan. i am cherishing these days outside, because i know it’s only going to get hotter (totally not a fan of the 85+ weather) and now that micah is older, he’s loving the top of our hill in the back of our yard, where is most of our flat play space. we’re also taking full advantage of mcdonald’s $.49 cones. and for mother’s day, nothing special, just my special little family, grilling and more outdoors. (we’ve since gotten new patio chairs for our anniversary, so we’re not so ghetto anymore 😐 )

outside.1 outside.2 outside.3 outside.4 outside.5

ethan’s two teeth are really visible and noticeable (ouch!) now. don’t get caught with your finger in his mouth! and it’s always nice when we can stop by daddy’s work and have lunch with him. ethan still has his relatively dark (considering his parents were bleach blonde babes) hair and it forms into the cutest little mohawk after baths 😉 and gosh darnit, baby overalls are so cute!

random fun.1 IMG_2158 IMG_2164 IMG_2179

jerry’s parents came for a visit, and somehow i managed to only get one photo. womp womp. again micah is my little helper and growing up way too fast. he’s often nearby when i’m using the mixer, but he finally noticed his reflection in the mixing bowl. the first real photobooth! micah had a little runny nose, mostly from his top two year molars coming in, and i just loved watching him pull his hanky out of his pocket to wipe his nose. one saturday morning the boys were up particularly early and jerry and i were just not ready to get up yet. we thought maybe if we brought them in bed with us we might get a little more shut eye. yaaaa, notsomuch. lets not repeat this weekend boys, mmmkay?? mama needs some shut eye.

IMG_2192 IMG_2230 IMG_2246 IMG_2257

philly! what a wonderful weekend! it was a whirlwind of a trip, extremely hot during the days, but we went to a park, got the infamous philly cheesesteaks, went to the kop mall to cool off, got the also infamous water ice, the reading terminal market and came back home a sweaty hot mess having had so much fun. im so glad i was able to just let go of schedules and enjoy the time there. that’s not something i can do easily! id love to do it again!

IMG_2354 IMG_2356 IMG_2362 IMG_2372 IMG_2377 IMG_2378 IMG_2379 IMG_238110562927_10100929278156309_9094061540060088487_n 11393274_10100928925298439_5571821248884217567_n

bring it june, we’re ready for you!


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