Weekend Link Fun and We’re off to Philly!

What’s everyone up to this weekend? We leave for Philly this afternoon! Jerry’s got a work event all day Saturday and Sunday morning, but that’s not going to stop the boys and I from having some fun. We’re going to be hanging out with my sister and her kids (while her husband is at the same work event) and staying with friends. I’m talking the park, cheesesteaks, water ice and hopefully even some shopping!

I have a hard time switching from my roll of mom to wife and I thought this article was really helpful in reminding me it’s good to flirt with Jerry.

Oh my gosh. Have you seen weck jars before? They’re so cute and I totally want some.

I totally want to expand in my tastes of beers. So, I’ve joined untappd to keep track. Friend me if you’re on!

I’m gonna step up my homemade pizza game next week and make this pizza next week.

In my quest for finding the perfect recipe for iced coffee I’m going to try the Pioneer Woman’s recipe next. Common’ Ree, don’t fail me!

Speaking of coffee, have you heard about bulletproof coffee? I don’t believe in the idea of replacing a meal with it, because, well, that’s just stupid, but I would still like to try it, just as a treat.

I really, REALLY, want to get a summer hat for this summer. Could I pull one off? I’m thinking this or this.

OK, I’ve got a seriously funny, good blog recommendation for you. She’s got the cutest twins, crazy yummy recipes, awesome style and she’s super hilarious. Check out Bev. Seriously.

This talk about food has been really good for me to listen to, so I want to share it in case you’d like to listen to it too.

Have a great weekend!


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