Making: Spaghetti; really unexciting; in my defense, it’s the end of the month, I’m cleaning out the cupboards and we’re leaving Friday for the weekend.
Drinking: Dos Equis Ambar; my goal this summer is to try a bunch of new beers.
Reading: This book for a Ladies’ Bible Study I’m a part, and nothing else other than children’s books, instagram captions and simple things like that: mom-brain.
Wanting: to find the perfect recipe to make iced coffee with caramel at home. Starbucks has just set my standards too high
Watching: Extreme Weightloss! and Master Chef. They’re a good balance of each other, because Master Chef makes me want to eat all the foods, and Extreme Weightloss reminds me about moderation.
Listening: to James Taylor on Pandora
Eating: Shredded Wheat (remember? end of the month…)
Smelling: like a campfire. So many fires in the firepit. Love it.
Wishing: It was the weekend and we were in Philly!
Enjoying: the discovery of a peony bush in our backyard!
Loving: the new Chris Tomlin CD I got for Mother’s Day
Hoping: this weekend goes well. We’re all going to Philly, but Jerry has a work thing so I’ll be taking care of the boys by myself (well, my sister and her kids will be there, and we’re staying at a friends house.)
Needing: to do some laundry for Micah, and pack.
Feeling: like I should start working on Father’s Day gifts now for our parents that way we’re not two weeks late with them too.
Wearing: This dress. I know I’m late to the pockets on dresses party, but LOVING IT.
Bookmarking: any book recommendations you may have.

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