Weekend Link Fun

I’m gonna try my hand at a series. For what it’s worth to ya, I’ll share my favorites articles, pins, (new) blogs and such from the week. I’ll give them the tag “Weekend Link Fun” that way you can go back to previous one in case you want to look a previous one up. Enjoy!

What are you all up to this weekend? We’re having friends over for dinner tonight where I’m hoping to make epic cuban sandwiches. I’m going out for breakfast with some girlfriends Saturday morning where I’m hoping to get some epic waffles. (Uh, obsessed with food much?! mmk, moving on…) no plans the rest of the weekend, nor Memorial Day. Probably just some housework and playing with the kiddos.

We’re coming up on our 6th anniversary here next week. I totally wish we could do it over again, now that there’s Pinterest ūüėČ I would choose¬†this¬†as my bouquet.

If we ever have a little girl, I would totally wear this shirt with her.

I have a nephew who would love this quilt. If only I were skilled enough to make it.

superhero quilt

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good salad, but I’ll take a good¬†steak¬†over salad any day.

I’m loving¬†this outfit¬†but wish the shirt wasn’t $98. womp womp

If you don’t have a good Chipotle knock off recipe,¬†I’ve got you covered.

I was almost 20 and in England when I had my first Toblerone. So cheesecake AND Toblerone?? yes please.

Have you seen the new Dax Shepard (love him from Parenthood!) and Kristen Bell commercial? I can totally relate.

I leave you with a funny

wlf funny


talk to me.

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