A long overdue update

Wow. This is long overdue. It’s been 3 and a half months since my last post. It’s not like life has been super crazy. Really, it hasn’t. Two kids isn’t really all that much more difficult than one. No, seriously. I always felt like the transition for no kid, to one was going to be more difficult than 1 kid to 2. So far, I’d still agree with that assessment.

So, life lately. Let’s see here…

Jerry – is back to working in Monroeville, which is making home life much nicer. Weekdays are reclaimed. He started playing basketball weekly and is quickly approaching 30. No, the two have nothing in common 😉 In his free time he is playing with the boys, doing yard work and being the most amazing man ever.


Kim – is back to running. I ran my first half marathon. Besides childbirth, that was the most physically taxing experience of my life. But I’d love to do it again. (call me cah-ra-zy) I’m trying my best to do this wife, mother, homemaker thing, but know it’s by God’s grace i do any of it.


Micah – is now two and a half. His vocabulary is growing every day… but I’ll probably still need to translate for you. His favorite things to play with involve his totally awesome play kitchen that I trash picked during a run one night, “sandbop”, swings and daddy. He loves his brother fiercely and not in a bad way.  His tender heart towards Ethan is like nothing I expected. And the way he says my name, heart melts. every. time. He is now sporting his first big boy hair cut too.


Ethan – is now 6 months and becoming less and less like a newborn and more and more like a baby. He’s learned to sit, has two teeth and eating solids. His brother is his favorite person ever, next to mama. He laughs at the craziest things and it is SO infectious. He’s pretty attached to mama though, falling apart when she leaves his sight. No signs of crawling, and that is OK with me. I am really enjoying the baby phase with him, and it is going way too fast.


So that’s life lately. Hoping to be blogging more frequently.


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