We’re alive!

Dropping in really quick to give a short update.
We’re alive and doing well. I feel like I’m more than surviving motherhood of two, although I’m totally spoiled
by my church family providing me meals every other day and offering to watch Micah for me.
There have been some unexpected surprises, although completely baby-unrelated.
Needing a tooth extraction and bathtub needing a new drain pipe. (why do we always have bathtub problems when we have babies?!)

IMG_0465Micah is fitting into the big brother role quite well. He gives Ethan kisses all the time and says “uh-oh!” when Ethan cries or he doesn’t know where he is.

I’m recovering fairly well from our successful VBAC, although I feel like it is taking longer than the c-section recovery. Maybe it’s because it’s the second time around. Either way, I’m happy with both of our birth stories, and do not feel better about one more than the other. Both of my babies were delivered alive and healthy, the rest is just legistics.

OK, while I don’t have to make dinner from scratch, I do need to warm it up and get it on the table. Hopefully I’ll be able to update some more here soon. In the meantime, here’s a first night home from the hospital family picture outtake


And a big brother who looks extremely grown up to me now 😦



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