The Final Countdown

Well, here we are in the last month (or so)


35 Weeks! We’re at weekly appointments now. Due date is the “30th”, but that’s adjusted at 20 weeks from the original which was the 16th. Anyway, I’m told that I should not hold fast to the 30th, since it was changed based on one ultrasound. So, I guess that means, we’re on baby watch starting the 16th. Even though we’re hoping for a VBAC, I’ll be scheduled for a c-section at 41 weeks. So, somewhere between October 16 and November 6th we’ll have a baby. How’s that for clarity 😉

That just means I’m in overdrive now trying to finish up the last of the projects. And making sure we have everything we need for adding a second child. I washed the car seat cover (EW Gross, sweaty head spots), hemmed the curtains for Micah’s new room, buying the last necessary items. One last big project left though… painting Micah’s new room. Jerry’s out of town tonight so I hope to tape the room tonight. Maybe get a coat done too. Oh, and hoping to celebrate Micah’s second birthday with his friends in mid-October.


And in final news. Micah’s getting to be such a big boy, so I’m glad there will be a baby in the house again. I may have rocked him to sleep for his nap today. It was sweet. His little head on my belly with his arms wrapped around it. Too precious. That should hold me over for the next few weeks 😉

IMG_0015“Say Cheese.” #nailedit


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