Getting Ready

Buuut, not for the baby. For the beach! This is our last vacation for the summer.
And we can’t be more excited! I love the beach. It’s been three years since we were at a real beach.
And while I still have this to-do list to get ready for baby brother, my thoughts have been mostly on vacation this weekend. I’m super excited to have the van for this long trip. Lots of space. Super comfy. Working stereo.



I gave the boy a haircut last week. That’s right, I did it. I didn’t get away without any scrapes, but I did it, even though I didn’t think I could. It was quite the ordeal trying to do it with an ever-moving almost two year old. George on the iPad to the rescue!


Here we are at 32 weeks.
I am feeling better now then I did during the month of August. Totally happy about that, especially with that
vacation and long to-do list in my future. Watched a video last night of a friend’s new baby’s milk drunk smiles.
Oh man, can’t wait for those itty bitty days again.


Speaking of itty bitty, look who’s not so itty bitty anymore… 
These moments are few and far between these days. So I totally soaked this moment up. How we got there, isn’t as sweet.
In my tired state, I put his diaper on wrong and he totally soaked through. As soon as I changed him, he was out like a light. Sorry bud.

Well, tomorrow is grocery shopping for the beach, laundry and packing. Peace out!


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