Life Lately – An Update

Well, it’s been since May since I’ve last posted.
I didn’t really mean to take the whole summer off, it just kind of happened that way.
Summer is always crazy busy, and this one has been no exception. We’ve gone on one vacation,
made a day trip to Altoona to see my mom and sister, worked on house projects,
played outside lots, avoiding getting Micah’s new room ready, finally reaching the third trimester
and buying a new van! Among other things…

Last time I wrote I was 17 weeks, now I’m 31. woohoo! I’m so glad we’re about 2 months away from due date. It’s getting close, but not too close. Like I said, I’ve put off getting Micah’s new room ready, so the baby can 
claim the nursery, so I need the extra time.

31 weeks

The baby’s movement has definitely slowed down, I can tell he’s getting bigger. Still unnamed,
and I think will be till we’re walking out of the hospital :/ We’re ready to meet this little guy,
but like I said we’ve still got a few projects to do before he can come. the doctor says he’s measuring right on track, so I expect we’re looking at an end of October – mid November baby. Lord, help us.

IMG_20140822_201541_251IMG_20140826_111126 IMG_1407885871421


The faces this kid makes cracks me up. Top left: trying out for Cindy Lou Who or maybe it’s time for a haircut…
Top right: Picked a flower, but not for mama :/ Bottom: he thinks the flash on my camera phone is hysterical.

We bought a van! And even though it’s only a 2006, I have definitely moved up in the world of vehicles. 
Micah’s favorite aspect is the power open doors. Laughs. every. time. It’s hard for me to say what’s my favorite part… maybe it’s the working sound system, or the ceiling fabric in place, or the cargo space, or the working stereo system, or the fact that I don’t feel like I need to be saying “Get to the chopper!” in my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice every time I drive it. Or maybe it’s because I now am a member of the Swagger Wagon club.

IMG_20140827_170621_375 IMG_20140828_111636_369











Alright well, next week, we get ready to leave for the beach on Saturday. Can’t wait!!


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