17 weeks

17 weeks.jpg

Weight Gain: 5 lb
(total – since beginning of pregnancy)
I couldn’t be happier with that number. And I know most of that weight gain is from eating out a lot the last two weekends from family visiting. So, I’m hopeful that I won’t continue to gain as much in a month.

Nothing new really. I never really had cravings with Micah either. I’m boring like that.

I had an appointment this morning. heard the little heart beat again. I also had an ultrasound at the PRC Tuesday night. That was the first one I had since like 7 weeks. The baby was moving around so much more. Actually looked like a baby this time instead of a kidney bean. It makes it that much more real too. I know I’m pregnant, but man, I just don’t feel like it most of the time. I got the script at my appointment this morning for our anatomy ultrasound, and scheduled it for May 30. That’s our 5th anniversary! I couldn’t be more happy that it is working out that way. I really wanted to get to do our ultrasound on our anniversary, I thought it would be so special. And we’re finding out the sex this time too, so I was just praying that God would orchestrate an opening for that Friday morning. So, thank you Jesus!

I went to the hospital last night to see my friend who just had a baby early Wednesday morning. I forgot how tiny they are! Micah seems like such a big boy now compared to sweet little Hannah Joy. It got me even more excited thinking about holding this little one.

I just put some pictures on Facebook of our last month or so, so check them out!


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