14 weeks

14 weeks

We are officially into the second trimester. Yippee! You are the size of a lemon. Lord willing,
your brain impulses 
are working and you’re learning to make facial expressions. I haven’t felt
nauseas in over two weeks now, so I think it’s safe to say we’re done with that.
And that’s just fine by me!

Weight Gain: 1 lb.
*GASP* I can’t believe I’m going to put this up here. It’s an accountability measure.
Now that morning sickness has left, I’ve definitely gotten my appetite back. I’m so nervous about gaining
too much weight. I did with Micah, but it all came off by 1 week post partum. Lucky, I know.
And I don’t want to count on that happening this time.
HOWEVER, I am starting out 20 pounds lighter with this pregnancy than I did with Micah’s.
So I would be thrilled if I could gain just the 20 pounds.

I’m loving anything cold. Smoothies, iced coffee, fruit, ice cream. It tastes the most refreshing/satisfying.
The only thing  I’m still staying away from, that was regular before pregnancy is hot coffee. Even in the last
two days, when we got a cold front, I want iced over hot coffee.

Other than that, life is pretty much back to normal. Most of the time, I have my full energy. Although
this week, we’ve been going to bed late (for us). And besides the cold front keeping us from walking outside, I’ve been getting pretty consistent workouts in. Now it’s time to push myself a little.

Jerry was on call last weekend for the first time. Boy was that different. Most of Saturday and Sunday morning was spent on the phone. I guess that makes sense. Life still happens on the weekends, so when he’d normally be answering the phone in the office during the week, he has to on the weekends too. It was a bummer that he had to miss most of the church service though :/

So, we’re going to make up for it this weekend with not much planned, except for brunch with friends after church on Sunday.

Happy Easter!


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