13 Weeks

13 weeks



I am told you are as long as a pea pod. You have your own, unique fingerprints that were designed
for you, by God.
 You’re not making me feel sick or tired anymore, so thank you!
If I see a picture of a newborn, I get excited thinking about holding you. Looking at those fingers
that are forming. But for now, stay inside and grow baby, grow!

I am so thankful to be feeling like more normal self again. The nice weather has definitely been helping.
Micah and I have been outside every day so far this week! Windows are open
and fresh spring air is pouring into the house. The outside thawing and new life is bringing the same
change in my spiritual life. There is just new life everywhere!

I have my next doctor’s appointment tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll get to hear the heartbeat.
That never gets old. Hopefully he’ll be OK with me not gaining any weight 😐
My life anymore seems like going to a bunch of different doctor-like appointments.
Between prenatals, well-visits, sick visits, blood work, getting approved for WIC, I feel like in the last
two months there’s only been one week where we haven’t had one.
I guess that’s part of being a young family.

I was just having that discussion with a fellow mom at our local libraries baby book nook program the
other day. We were remarking on how just as soon as your first is out of a phase, the next one
is on the way.  So at this point, I think we’ll have baby gates and safety measures up for the next
10 years. Not really. Or… I hope not.


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