12 Weeks

12 weeks – we made it! I’m hoping this means the end of morning sickness.
I haven’t really felt any nausea since Monday, but I still don’t feel normal. Like,
I can only eat so much in a day, and then my body says, no more! Like… I ate green beans for dinner the other night.
At least it was a veggie 😉

12 weeks

Sorry for the grainy photo. It was a rainy day, and this photo didn’t happen in the morning like I’d hoped.

Still no specific food aversion, just I either want food or don’t. And I still can’t stand hot coffee.
Every once and awhile I get a treat of an iced mocha, and those are the best days 🙂

I haven’t gained any weight yet either. Yay! I have lost 2 pounds tho 😦 Boo! I guess that’ll happen
when all you eat is a half of a bagel and some cheese its. So any “bump” you see in that picture is just my body
reshaping. I guess it remembers from last time what it’s suppose to do. So even tho I don’t need to yet,
I’ll just maternity jeans over my real ones any day because elastic feels better than a button on a queasy stomach.

Micah still has no idea of what’s going on. By evidence of him running and jumping on my belly.
Because that feels OH SO GREAT!

I’m having a hard time remembering what pregnancy in the early stages was like with Micah. I know I
wasn’t this sick. Girl?! We’ll find out in about 8 weeks.

What I do remember are the HORMONES. And ya, same this go ’round. So, let me tell you a funny story from yesterday
and you can thank God this wasn’t you 😉

Yesterday, Micah was having a particularly hard time with letting me get ready so we could leave to
go to a friend’s house. And by particularly hard time I mean non stop crying. We just needed to leave, so I gave
him his elephant-silky that he sleeps with. It’s familiar and comforting to him, but he mostly
only uses it during sleep. To avoid more meltdowns, I let him take it with us. It never leaves the house.
After leaving my friend’s, we ran to Target. Again, as we were checking out, he was starting to get unsettled.
Instead of being that crazy lady in Target with the screaming baby, I decided to give him his silky.
We go home, eat lunch, everyone’s happy.
Time for nap. I take Micah upstairs. I change his diaper. And since it’s been a little warmer, I left his pants off so he wouldn’t get too hot with his blanket. As I get ready to start our nap time routine, I realize we don’t have his elephant.
I go downstairs to look for it. It is no where to be found. I look in the car. Nope.
CRAP. We’ve lost it. Probably at Target. Life as we know it, is over.
I try to do our nap time routine anyway, in hopes that Micah would go to sleep and we would retrieve it from Target post nap.
The poor boy thought I was playing some cruel joke against him. He kept reaching for it, looking for me to
give it to him. He wouldn’t lie down in his crib and cried as I walked out of his room.
I decide at this point we might as well go to Target since it’s 5 minutes down the road and look for it.
So, harried, hormonal, pregnant lady, and pants-less boy drive to Target.
As we were driving, I felt the anxiety growing inside, and prayed with Micah, asking for peace with whatever the outcome.
Nothing in the parking lot. I go inside to the customer service desk, and after waiting for the ladies in front
of me to be served, I asked (in a frantic voice) if they had found it. The lady looked at me like I had two heads…
Or maybe like a crazy lady in Target with her pants-less baby
…and the other pointed to where it was.
And now more crazy…
I broke down in tears thanking them for finding it and saving our lives. And as I walked out
crying, with a pants-less baby
I realized, I was the crazy lady in Target anyway.

Micah silky

and now, he ain’t letting go


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