Exciting news!

You probably saw my announcement on Facebook.

We’re having another baby!

We took this picture the morning after I told Jerry and did some retesting JUST to make sure 😉 We sent it to all our family members, and that’s how we told them. I think they were happy 😉


I’ve been feeling worse this time. Girl?! We’ll find out in about 10 weeks. But thankfully I have a cute little guy who reminds me daily why I’m going through this, and helps me get through it. Getting through morning sickness is a group effort this time haha.

Thankfully, there hasn’t been anything I can’t really eat (except leftovers), but I can’t stand the thought of anything hot to drink.  No more hot coffee. So I’ve been enjoying homemade iced mochas with Starbucks hot cocoa powder.


I’m thankfully to be starting off in a better place physically with this pregnancy. I’m 20 pounds lighter and more in shape. I’m really hoping to get in lots of walks with Micah in the stroller when the weather’s nice, or on the treadmill (so thankful  to have that this time around!)  He seems happy to comply!


I can’t remember the last day I didn’t feel nauseous at some point, but I’m thankful for the days I can push myself to get Micah and I out of the house. Distraction helps. If we’re just at home every morning, it’s hard for me to be motivated to much other than lie on the couch. This morning, Micah and I were both dressed (and me showered at not in yoga pants!) before lunch. That’s a win in my book!
So we met up with some friends last week and let the boys play at the play place at the mall.


And lest you think Micah’s taking it easy on me…


I’m hoping to post updates on, take weekly pictures and share the progress of the pregnancy, so stop back, add me to your reader, or subscribe to stay up to date

And don’t forget to share some love here. On the blog. 😉 😉


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