Get Organized!

It’s time to get organized.
Lately, my life has seem to be in a bit of chaos. I have general goals/plans for my day,
and sometimes I get them done, and sometimes I forget what those goals were.
My hope is, writing this down, and getting some printable’s will get me and this house organized.

Step 1. Spiritual
(If this one isn’t taken care of, I am at a severe disadvantage with the others)
My goal is to start every morning with a quiet time in the Word.
I know I need to get God before me as I start off the day. Any amount of time will be good. It seems like Micah has a sixth sense for when my alarm goes off, so I struggle with setting it for before 7,
because inevitably, he’ll get up. So, on the mornings I can’t have a long quiet time, I want to read a daily reading from “Jesus Calling”. And then later in the day, like when he naps, I’ll do my normal quiet time.
If I have longer than five minutes, I want to do my regular quiet time.

Step 2. Physical
I am not a health freak. I don’t love working out. Honestly, I don’t love eating healthy either.
BUT, I know those things are good for my body. I know that I need to take care of my body if I want to live a long, healthy life. And I want a long, healthy life… unless Jesus comes first 😉
So… I am going to get back to exercising regularly. I’m going to eat healthy. I’m going to drink more water and less soda.
I can’t give up the diet pepsi 🙂

Step 3. Home
I’ve downloaded and printed off some printable’s from this website. I’m using both. I won’t be doing everything on the daily schedule plan, like, I have a laundry day. For now. I can’t stand the thought of having it drag out to multiple days.
But I think it’ll be really good for me to write down each day what I need/want to do. I’m a visual person,
so this is right up my alley. And whatever I don’t get done, I’ll add it to the next day.
I’m a planner, so I meal plan. Always have. I kind of geek out over it.
I may have even done our first week on our plane ride home from our honeymoon…
Anyway, I plan one week at a time, but it’s nice to be able to look back at the month and see what we’ve already eaten this month.

And why am I doing all this? Because I want more stress free time with
this goober


and this hottie



talk to me.

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