random thoughts (from a mom of a one year old)

I need that clarifier because I feel like that justifies the craziness that fills my brain.
But these are just some of the thoughts that you could find me thinking throughout a typical day.

While grocery shopping yesterday, I found these beautiful strawberries at Aldi.
Normally, I don’t buy berries at Aldi, because they’re so hit and miss. But these just looked too beautiful to pass up! From what I could tell, not a single one was bruised, unripe or too ripe. And I was right!
I tried to get Micah to eat one at lunch, but he wasn’t too interested. He’s definitely a very picky eater. Any advice is welcome! I’ll try again today.
Anyway, I’ll pretend that I’m upset that I have to eat them all 😉

I also made cookies yesterday. I never do that. I have no self control. But I made oatmeal cookies, no chocolate and definitely NO raisins (humiliated grapes!) and assumed that they’d be plain enough that I wouldn’t love them. And no chocolate means they’re healthier, right?! But no luck! They’re so yummy. Curse you butter and brown sugar!

photo_1Question. Anyone else operate under the principle that any leftover dough after you have the amount of cookies that the recipe makes is up for grabs? No? Just me? Ok…
Another question. If raw cookie dough is eaten and no one sees, do the calories count? 😉

We didn’t give Micah any sweets before his first birthday. Still even now, he doesn’t get very many. Mostly because we don’t keep sweets in the house. But somehow, he knew there was something good up on the counter when he woke up from his nap. He wouldn’t leave them. If I brought him out of the kitchen, he would just walk back in, making sure I followed, and reach up at them. That’s his way of asking. He doesn’t talk much still.


I love hearing from Jerry throughout the day. Even if it’s just a short text. I feel connected to him. So even if it’s just him telling me he’s on his way to his first client appointment, I’m happy to know what he’s up too.
And it gives me an opportunity to tell him I love him. I’m so proud of him! He’s such a good worker. And because of that, I get to stay home, take care of our boy and make cookies!



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