A Thankful Monday

Today I am thankful for so many things, and to make sure I don’t forget about them, I’m writing them down.

I am thankful for Jerry’s job, that provides for us financially, so that I can go to the grocery store and buy food. And coffee creamer. I forgot to pick some up last week, and because I had purposed to not go to the grocery store this month in between my weekly Monday trips, I did without coffee for a week. A week…


I am thankful for healthy snacks, like popcorn, that give me my salty, crunchy, chip-like fix without sacrificing all my calories.


I am thankful for the little boy, who is talking sweetly in his crib as he wakes up as I write this, who makes this laundry. He was such a trooper today. After getting home from the grocery store, I had several phone calls to make, including calling AAA for my car (which won’t start), CHIP to designate Micah’s PCP (yay! Micah finally has insurance again!), and our PCP to finally get him a wellness visit. He hasn’t gone since his 9 month.  job change… He was so happy to play by himself, or watch as my car was lifted up onto the tow truck. That is not always the case with my needing-lots-of-affection little boy 😉


I am thankful that Jerry was able to go to our church’s men’s retreat this weekend. Enjoying Christ and fellowship with Him is wonderful on our own, but when Jerry and I are in sync, and in sync with God, I notice my enjoyment of Christ is magnified. It was joyful to worship beside him yesterday morning at church.


I am thankful for today and all it’s blessings. I am thankful for God’s love for me. All the “good” and “bad” stuff are from Him, and I want Him to receive the glory and praise for today. Jerry’s job, groceries, our seemingly ongoing car problems, health insurance, Micah, Jerry, Providence Church, unity are all from God. Thank you, Jesus!


We love stripes! And milk, and paci, and Ellie 😉


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