Crazy busy week

What a crazy busy week we have in front of us. I’m just glad I got my meal planning done yesterday, and my grocery shopping done this morning. Here’s our week in a snapshot. And maybe at the end of it, I’ll actually put up some snapshots 😉

Monday – Date night! We just started tonight rotating child care with two other couples every Monday night. That means 2 out of three weeks, we get a date night! On the other week, we’ll watch three other kids for an hour and a half in addition to Micah. I think we’re up to the task. So, we had turkey hot dogs, fried potatoes and a green salad for a light dinner. That left us with enough room to have Handel’s ice cream (our favorite!) on our date and we used a gift card Jerry got for there for his birthday. So, it was a FREE date night!

Tuesday – I volunteer every Tuesday night from 6-9, so I. Always try to make an easy dinner with little clean up, so that I don’t leave jerry with the baby and a big mess in the kitchen. We’re having chicken nachos which come recommended from a friend on our community pin board for tested and tasty recipes. I can’t complain about having nachos for dinner!

Wednesday – Once a month we get together with two couples from our small group to have dinner. I’m not hosting this month, so I’m responsible for dessert. Chocolate chip lava cookies with vanilla ice cream; all I had to buy was the dark chocolate chips and ice cream. Can’t wait to try these…

Thursday – I have a meeting from about 5-6, so dinner needed to be super easy and quick to make. I’ve had these ham and cheese sliders before, and they’re a great adult twist on a kid classic. Serving it up with a salad and probably leftover tortilla chips (if there are any 😜)

Friday – I’ve got a baby shower that night, so I again needed a quick and easy meal. When we were back home for Labor Day, we met up with Jerry’s brother and his family at Perkin’s for breakfast. Jerry got biscuits and gravy and I’ve been craving them ever since. Of course, I needed to find a healthier version. My go to blog for those sorts of things is Chocolate & Carrots. Crazy name, I know, but she has a good blend of healthy and I diligence in my opinion, which is just my style. Anyway, her recipe for the gravy is what I’ll be using, and ill be using this recipe for the biscuits. I’ll make up some scrambled eggs too, at least for Jerry, to fill him up.

Saturday – a day home! For the most part… I’m meeting up with a friend for breakfast. I’m just gonna make some pepperoni pizza with peppers to keep it simple.

Sunday – We’re some friends over for lunch and I can’t wait to try this shrimp chowder with these cheddar garlic biscuits

Well I’m still on track for the food budget. In addition to the stuff I needed for dinners, I bought some veggies (celery, peppers and cucumbers) for lunch and stuff for snacks, and we’ll use leftovers for lunches (either ham and cheese sandwiches or hot dogs) I spent around $70 this week. Score!

Ok, time for bed…



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