It’s September… Whaaat?!

so ya. I started this post on Tuesday…
So guess what?!
It’s September and I haven’t posted in over a month…
Guess what again?!
I’ve changed up how I’m doing my meal planning again.
Shocker, I know.
The whole, pick 28 meals and plan on a weekly basis, idea was nice in theory, but practically, it just wasn’t working. I’d choose all the good meals for the first two weeks, and spend most of my budget, leaving the last two-ish weeks desperate and boring.
Jerry’s been a huge help and encouragement though. I’m glad he hasn’t just gotten frustrated with me and given up. He’s helped me think through all this and given me a plan that I’m using this month, and I’m very hopeful that it’ll work.
I go shopping on Mondays (usually). I need to count how many Mondays there are in a month, and divide my budget by that number (it’ll always be 4 or 5). I’ll even count a Monday if the next day is the first. That total is how much I’m allowed to spend each week. It’ll either be $87.50 for a four week month or $70 for a five week month. After my shopping trip I’ll subtract what I spent that day and redetermine how much I can spend each week if I went over or (maybe even) under. I know this sounds like common sense, and it is, but I’ve never been this practical with it, and I feel like I should be.
The other difference that I’m making this month is that I’ll only buy meat that is on sale or a good price. What I would do in the past is just buy ground turkey and boneless, skinless chicken breast in bulk from Sam’s. it’s really limiting to spend $30ish, just on meat, right off the bat.
Jerry also encouraged me to plan just a week at a time because to plan for a full month all at once is really time consuming. There’s no doubt about that. I was spending around a total of 3 hours trying to do that.
ok, since this post has taken me since Tuesday to write, I’m just gonna move on.
I didn’t buy any meat this week, and just used what I had on had (minus one can of chicken for pizza Saturday night). Between that and already having Monday done, I spent about $60 on groceries for the week. What a great way to start!

Monday – Cheese pizza (we just got home that afternoon from being gone all weekend so I needed a quick, no fuss dinner)
Tuesday – Enchilada rice
Wednesday – Caribbean Jerk Shrimp with brown rice and zucchini stir fry
Thursday – Spaghetti and homemade meatballs (probably Micah’s favorite meal by far)
Friday – Steaks on the grill
Saturday – Broccoli and chicken Alfredo pizza
Sunday – Last church picnic of the year 😦 I’m responsible for a side and dessert (at least I think so… We weren’t at church last Sunday to get the assignments) ill be bringing raw veggies and pita chips with dip and s’mores bars for dessert
Now that that’s finished, I can move onto going through the last two months’ pictures, get some birthday presents and plan some more of Micah’s birthday party.
A month and a half till the big day!!


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