July 22 – 28, 2013 Meal Plan

Well this week is certainly going to be easy and fun! Jerry’s birthday is Monday, and then Friday we head home till Sunday. On top of that, I have the PRC Tuesday night, and then Care Group Wednesday night. So, lots of easy meals, with one special meal to start off the week!

In other news, Jerry and I really cracked down on the budget this month, which is especially important now that his job will be ending come October and we don’t have a new one lined up yet. So, that being said, I’m thrilled to have more than stayed in the food budget this month. Definitely gives me the boost I needed to keep striving!

Monday – Jerry’s birthday: Steak with Lobster Mac n Cheese Jerry had this on our anniversary dinner date, and we both loved it. So this is the perfect opportunity to splurge a little. Jerry has also requested Ice Cream Cake for his dessert. Lucky me! It’s my favorite too! And it won’t require baking a cake for an extremely long time.

Tuesday – PRC night so Crispy Ravioli with leftover grilled chicken from tonight’s dinner.

Wednesday – Care Group night; I like to make a lighter meal these nights, because we always have snacks afterwords. Mexican Pizza sounded like a great fit.

Thursday – Baked Italian Sandwiches – I’ve really gotten into having sandwiches/wraps once a week for dinner. Which is saying something, because I don’t usually care for sandwiches. But who would want a plain ol’ ham and cheese on wonder bread?! Oh wait… my husband… 😉

Friday – we’re off for the rest of the weekend!

Have a great weekend! I’m looking forward to the cool down coming tomorrow, and a hike with my family if the weather cooperates!

july week 4


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