July 1-7, 2013

This coming week is kind of crazy. Besides it being 4th of July week, we have a wedding on Friday that I’m a part of and have to go to the rehearsal on Wednesday too and a practice Tuesday. And, even more exciting, my mom comes on Sunday for a whole WEEK!!! Happy dance! 🙂

Monday – Breakfast Tacos


Tuesday – CP Pesto Ranch Chicken


Wednesday – Rehearsal Dinner

Thursday – 4th of July Picnic, bringing a side and dessert Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark and Baked Beans (something that I planned on making last month for our church picnic, but with the kitchen remodel, it wasn’t practical – so I still have the beans for it)

Friday – Wedding at 7 – Pesto Alfredo Ravioli


Saturday – Tex-Mex Beef Tacos


Sunday – Grilled Pork Chops

Have a great 4th of July Week!!


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