Kitchen Reveal!

Are you ready?! I’m ready to show it to you!

When we first moved into our house on New Year’s Eve in 2011, we immediately tore down the wall paper, took the cabinet doors down and painted everything. We even spray painted the hinges.


.Can you blame me?IMG_1653

Can I just say, I hate wallpaper. And salmon cabinets. And little ducks that line the ceiling.  And I will not wallpaper anything ever.  I don’t care how trendy it becomes. We painted the walls red, and the cabinets white. We also had to buy a fridge, so that was brand new when we moved in. At the beginning of the summer, Jerry was very sweet to install a new light fixture, that included a fan! No central air 😦 That was a big bummer last summer while preggers.

Alright, so, let the reveal begin!


Jerry made this island with shelves for me out of a bar table that he had refinished for me back when we first got married? Follow? 😉 We have enough new counter left over that we’ll put that on top, so as to have it all tie in. And here’s the new floor! We did vinyl laminate tile. And Jerry grouted it. even though technically you don’t have to do that. We think it looks better this way.


We decided to go with laminate countertop. Not my first choice, but soapstone wasn’t quite in the budget 😉 But I really like how this turned out. I love the red, white and black color scheme in the kitchen. On the left is our new dishwasher, which Jerry installed right next to our cabinets, where as the old one was up against the wall. Oh, he also installed it to drain through the kitchen sink instead of through the floor, down to the basement and into a utility sink. Boy, am I glad all the complicatedness is over! As he did that, he also installed a garbage disposal. Wahoo! No more smelly trash!


Hello pretty white sink and Venetian Bronze faucet! I love the high arc of the faucet. Makes washing those bigger pots easier. You can also see in the background that some of our tile backsplash came off during the process of removing our old counter. Such a shame… We were eventually going to redo that too anyway. Now we will just do it sooner. Which means I have to figure out what I want…

IMG_2179And the new cooktop and wall oven, which were a great find on Craigslist!

So basically all we have left is the backsplash, and eventually new hardware. I didn’t do a great job spray painting the hinges, and we want to get black nobs to add a little more contrast. Well that’s it! I love it. it makes me happy every time I walk in. I feel like it’s so much cheerier. And I can’t wait to completely finish it, it’ll be awesome.

I’ll end with saying this. Jerry is amazing. I had no idea he knew how to do all this stuff. Well, he didn’t before doing it, but he’s so smart, that he was able to figure it all out. I love you, big strong man! Thanks for my new kitchen! :*


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