June 17-23, 2013 Meal Plan

Happy Friday! Jerry’s hoping to get some more work done on the kitchen remodel tomorrow. I’m hoping to get to an AT&T store to change some things around on my plan. And maybe get around to a DIY project I’ve been wanting to do for awhile now… What do you got going on this weekend?

So ya, still kinda cutting it close with the food budget. So I chose the meals that would cost me the least to make. I. can. do. this!

Monday – Crock Pot Chicken, black beans and Carrots

Tuesday – Spaghetti with meatsauce

Wednesday – We’re having dinner at a friend’s house, so I’ll be bringing a side or dessert. Don’t know which yet.

Thursday – Omelets. probably sausage and peppers and cheese. with a side of home fries. Can I get a “hey-ya!” for breakfast for dinner?!

Friday – Steak (Yay for buying meat in bulk!)

Saturday – Chicken Tortilla Soup (it’s all ready, just need to add a can of enchilada sauce when I add it to the crock pot.)

Sunday – Church picnic – heck ya! I’m suppose to bring a side and dessert. So I’ll be making crock pot baked beans and carrot cake bars.



Crock Pot Baked Beans
Magic Carrot Cake Bars

Have a great weekend!


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