June 10-16, 2013


I know I’m late with this. But I had company. And because of that, and like what usually happens, I switched up my plan a little bit. But I only used recipes that were on my plan for this month. So here’s my go at this week. I’m choosing all meals that I have everything for already. We’re only in the second week, and the food budget isn’t looking too great. So to help myself out, I’m only going to make stuff with what I have on hand. I think that’s a good a good practice anyway. You know, using all your food up. Waste not, want not. Also, it’s a travel week for Jerry again.

Monday – Turkey Reubens – these were so good, and I still have everything I need to make more.

Tuesday – Hot Dogs

Wednesday – Quesadillas

Thursday – Santa Fe Chicken (Maybe this week?! 😉 )

Friday – Burgers

Saturday – Santa Fe leftovers

Sunday – Banana Bread Pancakes

Turkey Reuben
Crock Pot Santa Fe Chicken
Banana Bread Pancakes


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