A Day in The Life

Every year, Jerry’s brother and his family come out to visit over Memorial Day weekend.
I, however, failed to get very many pictures. But the ones I got are precious.
It was so nice to see Keith Jr. sitting with his Uncle Jerry again. (And we’ll just ignore the fact that they’re watching Tangled 😉 )


Haha, this picture cracks me up. He kind of reminds me of the baby meme picture where the baby is holding his fist up, with a glaring look making some sort of snarky comment going around.
He really does love the swings. I just happened to put him in it right after he woke up from a nap. You think he was trying to tell me it was too much? 🙂


I love it when Micah can spend time with his cousins. He (and they) might not realize how special that is just yet, but I’m so glad they can grow up spending some time together. Even if we do live 4 1/2 hours away.

Micah slept in a pac’n’play in our closet while they were here and the last night was pretty rough. He got up every two hours. At this point, he was pretty inconsolable and just would not go back to sleep and stay asleep. Jerry finally got him to sleep and decided to hold him for a little bit, to make sure he got into a deep sleep. So thankful for a helping husband,
who can appreciate the sacrifice and look back on that early morning time together with fondness.


They left Monday, and life returned to “normal”.
My mom had mentioned that Aldi had an ice cream maker as a special buy this week. Aldi is great. I have
wanted an ice cream maker for so long! I can’t wait to give it a try! So many possibilities!


Thursday was our 4th anniversary! I’m so incredibly grateful to be married to Jerry. It’s hard to believe that I love him more than I did four years ago when I would be upset when we couldn’t see each other every day because Jerry thought we were spending too much time together and all I wanted to do was see him and be married to him and make him dinner and have his babies and clean his house and dirty laundry and make him feel like he was the greatest man there ever was. lol.
He got home early from work on Thursday and surprised me with some flowers and an iced coffee from DD.


That night, we got a babysitter and went to Walnut Grill in Mt. Lebanon. She lived like two minutes around the corner, so it was perfect!
OK, so let me take you through what we ate, because it was AH-mazing!
Jerry got an appetizer. (I was saving room for dessert. I chose this restaurant specifically because they have a dessert I wanted. Sweet tooth?! 😉 ) Anyway, his appetizer was Lobster Mac ‘n cheese. OH-EM-GEE! This was like adult mac ‘n cheese. Like mac ‘n cheese on crack! Totally worth all $11 of it and I was glad for the two bites he shared with me.


Jerry’s entree was “Pittsburgh” pizza. This had BBQ sauce, chicken, cheddar cheese, mozzarella cheese and then topped with french fries. Don’t you love it how Pittsburgh has taken ownership of putting french fries on food as their own? This was really good too. Again, adult pizza. Pizza on crack. I’m pretty sure I would have to starve myself the entire week to ever justify that calorie intake.
(BTW we laughed at Jerry’s “juvenile” dinner for our anniversary 😉 )


I got grilled balsamic chicken, which came with three sides. So yummy. Each cutlet was topped with a slice of fresh mozzarella, basil and roma tomatoes. It came with fresh seasonal vegetables which were snap peas, broccoli and red onions sautéed with garlic, and I chose a baked potato and garden salad.


Haha, I totally forgot to take a picture of the bread before we started eating it. Whoops. It came with two toppings, blueberry pie butter (my favorite) and rosemary garlic hummus (Jerry’s favorite, surprisingly). I’m pretty sure I could have eaten the blueberry pie butter by itself it was that good…


Ah. the reason why I wanted to go to the Walnut Grill. I had been there back on St. Patty’s Day for dessert with some girlfriends.
One of them got this caramelized walnut ball. We all shared, and I totally digged her dessert over mine (apple pie with cinnamon ice cream – which I still enjoyed). So I’ve been wanting to go back ever since to get this. And I was too excited when the waiter brought it out that I failed to get a picture of it before Jerry and I demolished half of it.


Such a fun night. We got done with dinner early enough that we could go for a short walk around Mt. Lebanon. So pretty.
Love him.


Once a month I go to Sam’s Club with a friend. Love it there. Can’t justify the membership by myself, so I’m thanking to go in with someone. Did that Friday. Sam’s days are always so hectic because we can’t get in till 10, and Micah is usually back asleep by 10.
He stayed up the entire trip, and thankfully went down for a nap as soon as we got in the car. He stayed asleep, while I tackled the large task of separating everything I just bought.
I buy my chicken and ground turkey there, and then separate it into 1/2 lb. – 1 lb. portions depending on what I have planned for the month. This time I also bagged the meals that could be freezer meals with little prep. Unfortunately that was only two 😛 You can also see my massive amounts of chocolate chips and honey in the back that I split with my friend.


A little multitasking while I car for the boy 😉


And yesterday, Jerry worked on finishing the kitchen floor (almost done with that!)


While I worked on making a Pinterest idea a reality: personalized coasters for cheap!


Well, my sister and her kids are coming on Thursday. CAN’T WAIT. Hopefully I’ll get more pictures this visit…


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